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Written on the Wind 10/??/11

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Another blog folks and it’s a melodrama. Let’s get ourselves some ice tea and hope for the best. (Melodrama is not my forte)

Written on the Wind is a tear jerker to say the least. It depends who felt attached to in the movie. I myself felt oddly connected to Lucy, the good girl to say, not because of well…her personality but more because of the situation she was put in. Her husband let’s face it was a loser. He had a perfectly good woman and didn’t take care of her.

Sucks for him.

 She loved his best friend, or not. During the film she seemed uncertain about that because there were plenty of times she could have snucked one with him but didn’t. Blindly faithful or did she have no interest in Mitch?

 And to put the cherry on the smoothie her sister in law is well….mind me for saying this but an overall


Yup I said it, she was a bitch! I care not what you folks say about loving her wild personality, Lucy may be a snore but at least she didn’t kill an old man. If Mitch really wanted Marylee he could’ve had her already but he doesn’t


Freak she’s filthy rich, you think she can do better and marry a boxer or navy man or the president. Sheez….

Anyway, I kinda liked how Lucy stayed clear minded throughout the film and didn’t pop on Mary shows class and dignity. But what bother’s me what made her fall in love with that half pint Kyle? That will always bug me…like really? She could have went with Mitch to begin with and never had to deal with icky Marylee and having Kyle’s baby…oh well that’s what you get for playing hard to get….



Note, I’m in a very grumpy mood while writing this. But dang it my opinion still counts! RANT RANT RANT!

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December 16, 2011 @ 4:53 am

I found your post pretty funny, even though I disagree with the idea that Lucy is better than Mary Lee. You make good points, that Lucy didn’t cheat on her husband and was faithful all the way, even though he is a pain and a loser. I actually wasn’t all that sure if her feelings for Kyle were real or were just pity though. I couldn’t really tell.

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