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Umberto D 10/4/11

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Blog Challenge #2
Posted on October 4, 2011 by Amy Herzog
In what ways can you see the historical and political context of post-war Italy reflected in Umberto D?

One effect that I noticed that happen after the war is the protesting workers demanding for their pension during war time. In the beginning of the film the protesters demand money for all the damages during the war yet it appears they have been simply brushed aside. Another thing I remember was one part of the movie Maria had asked Umberto if there was a chance they would be bombed again and her boy friends who are soldiers patrolling the city. The last effect I noticed of the war is when Mr. Umberto commented that he was with his land lady since she was a little girl and when the war was taking place she began to change. To him he believed that the war had turned her crazy.

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